Popular Social Networking Sites in the World

Citizens of the world embrace social media. Facebook dominate some parts of the world, but there are other social networking sites that we probably never heard of. Brian Solis has a great write-up on internationalization of social media.

If we were to analyze the top three social networks by what many argue are the top 10 markets for social networking, our view comes into focus and allows us to see where our attention and participation is required in our global efforts.


1. Facebook2. MySpace3. Twitter


1. Facebook2. MySpace3. Flickr


1. QQ – 300 million active accounts2. Xiaonei3. 51


1. Facebook2. Skyrock3. MySpace


1. Facebook2. StudiVZ3. MySpace


1. Facebook2. Netlog3. Badoo


1. V Kontakte2. Odnoklassniki3. LiveJournal


1. Facebook2. Tuenti3. Fotolog

United Kingdom

1. Facebook2. Bebo3. MySpace

United States

1. Facebook2. MySpace3. Twitter

In other parts of the world, social networks that might not have registered previously among leading experts, emerge as candidates when location and society prove paramount in highly targeted, culturally-aware programs.

For example, Google’s Orkut is Brazil’s top social network.

Hi5 is leading in Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Thailand and Mongolia.

In the Czech Republic, Lide is the network of choice.

Maktoob is the social hub in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen.

South Korea is focusing its dialogue and connections in Cyworld.

Social networking in Guadeloupe and Martinque is concentrated at Skyrock.

Mixi is the leading central station for social activity in Japan.

The leaderboard of those countries not yet friended by or fans of Facebook include:

Hungary – Iwiw

Poland – Nasza-klasa

Philippines – Friendster

Netherlands – Hyves

Lithuania – One

Latvia – Draugiem

Taiwan – Wretch

Zing – Vietnam

[via Brian Solis]

There’s more, here


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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