The 39 Social Media Tools I’ll Use Today

Amazingly, it seems like there%u2019s more social media tools than Jonas brothers, with the gap growing every day.

I don%u2019t feel the need to experiment with every new piece of software that emerges from its chrysalis, but I do feel a responsibility to you and my clients to have some idea of what%u2019s out there and what%u2019s worthwhile.

Also, at my social media speaking engagements hither and yon I%u2019m often asked what tools I use. So, I took a personal inventory and created this overview of the 39 social media tools I use daily.


I use Tweetdeck for serious twitter sessions. I find it to be especially valuable and hassle-free for updating Twitter, Facebook, and LInkedin simultaneously. I do this only occasionally, however, as my friends/followers on each site don%u2019t have much overlap.

This extremely intuitive Mac-only app is my hour-to-hour choice for Twitter. It doesn%u2019t have the advanced functionality of Tweetdeck (such as cross-posting to Facebook), but it%u2019s so easy-to-use that it%u2019s my favorite Twitter app. It takes up a lot less screen real estate that Tweetdeck, and I always use Tweetie when conducting my live, Twitter 20 interviews.

Objective Marketer
This power-user Twitter app is the preferred vehicle for Guy Kawasaki. I use Objective Marketer for all of my in-advance Tweets, and when I want to engage in some headline and/or time of day testing. Lifetime statistics, cross-posting, multiple accounts, etc. If you%u2019re serious about Twitter, this is a great app. It%u2019s a good choice for agencies, too. (Disclosure: Objective Marketer gave me a free account)

Note: There are thousands of Twitter apps (literally). If you really want to roll around in the possibilities, spend some time over at Laura Fitton%u2019s ( @pistachio) One Forty, the app store for Twitter.


I don%u2019t use a lot of apps for Facebook, preferring to play it pretty close to the vest there %u2013 for now. (I%u2019m working on a Fan Page that will be launching next month). Meanwhile, however, I do very much like Facebook Lite, which strips down a lot of the shiny distractions, and gives you a threaded News Feed, birthdays, and events %u2013 and that%u2019s about it. I think Facebook Lite makes Facebook engagement easier %u2013 maybe you will too?



Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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