How to Build a Business in Clean Energy

Whether you’re building a business in clean energy or not, the road is the same. Find a great idea. More ideas is better. So you can narrow it down by elimination.  (I reinvent myself few times already to find what my passion is). Get funding (use other people’s money or your own). Build a team. And grow your business. 

Personally, I think for small business (more like a one person business) regardless of the kind of business you choose to be in, the core for building a business is – business development. Gary Vaynerchuck from Wine Library says it well that ‘if you don’t like business development, forget it.’ Alternatively, you could hire somebody to do it.

There’s a podcast from  to a roundtable discussions with a group of entrepreneurs already digging in renewables via Renewable Energy World, here.


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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