Green: Radio

Socially and politically, there is much trepidation from liberals about talk radio. Commonly, it is viewed as flat-out “right wing,” “conservative,” or a (gasp) Republican PR podium.

A summary of radio then: lack of solid student base; tied to the automobile and consumerism; and right-centric. If this is true, common sense would dictate that radio would not be fertile ground for anything greener than the lettuce on a Big Mac.

A recent success story, however, offers deep insight into how pervasive green is becoming, even across a typically non-green medium.

I spoke with Andrea Ridout, long-time talk show host and currently the voice behind Mother Earth News Radio.

Q: Is mass broadcast radio a typically conservative medium?

A: I ran a talk show for many years at a major radio station, and on several occasions was taken aside when certain hot-button phrases like “global warming” were mentioned on the air. So, yes, there has been a current of that type of thinking in the past: real top-down pressure to maintain a status quo.

It’s good to know that radio shows on green has gained some serious traction in the mainstream.


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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