GM Drives with Social Media Strategy

GM’s content strategy is not about messaging. Their content strategy puts community first. Chris’ team asks what is the audience interested in? He asks his team “would you watch this video if you didn’t work at GM?” As an example, they recently launched a new video series called Department 180 which tells the quality story at GM. Rather than shooting a conventional video about quality control in GM products, the social media team took a fun approach by showing some of the tests with a twist of humor. When showing  wind tunnel and climate tests they show the impact on a crash test dummy. When reviewing steps to cut down on road noise they put dry ice smoke into the car and shut all the doors to show how the car is air tight because no smoke gets out. All the cubic feet of smoke raised a question.  How many ping pong balls can they fit into the car? So, they ran a contest among engineers to guess. By talking about vehicle quality from these humorous angles it is far more interesting and enjoyable. While most GM videos averaged 1500 views over months, the Dept 180 video got over 11,000 views in the first week!


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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