Starbucks Secret Sauce to Social Media

Yes, Starbucks! There’s always this challenge to build meaningful relationships with you customers. Since Starbucks been on the social media a while (in social media time), might as well learn from them.

Actually, Starbucks have plenty of sauces mix in their social media. Here’s their company social media secrets, according to Mikal Belicove [h/t Alltop]:

1. It’s about relationship, not marketing.

2. Social media fits within a larger digital strategy.

3. Make it clear where you start. (hint: it’s about branding)

4. Look around the corner.

5. Be authentic.

6. Build coalition.

7. If it doesn’t matter on Twitter, it doesn’t matter. 

8. Focus on the four responses: amplify, context-ify, change, ignore.

9. Take chances, but be “mostly right.”

10. An economic meltdown is a terrible thing to waste.

The Adobe sales folks should take note on number 1. Just because I’ve been on their sites checking on stuff a couple of times, their Rep been aggressively emailing and calling. Think they don’t understand that today’s marketing is about building trusts, building relationships.

Okay, so Starbucks deserves an “A” grade for its successful social media, however, on aggressive recycling strategy and goals, they get an “F.” Kinda missing the boat


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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