To Forward Sustainability, Get Women Talking

– So, what happens when a woman learns about or experiences your sustainability-oriented practices or products in a positive way? She’s likely already a “trusted source” for a whole group of women, so when she gets to talking about it – a LOT of people will be listening. – There is an assumption that women are all about “the emotional,” but the truth is that it is but one thing that feeds into their holistic purchase decision-making, and likely more prominently than it does for men. Still, when it comes to their more sustainability-oriented buying, you better believe “important product services or features” take front and center. I’d venture to say that sustainable “consuming” frequently starts from a more practical place than plain, old-fashioned consuming (think: saving energy, saving money, and keeping kids healthy) – so important linear facts/features get the most “talk.”

What this means to me is that you should be dialing into understanding how women engage with sustainability now, if you haven’t been already. And, don’t make the same mistakes that a lot of brands did with their “marketing to women” efforts in years past by making efforts “pink” with unnecessarily “womanly” graphics, words or tone. When it comes to sustainability, emotion plays a part, but key buying decisions still come mainly from a no nonsense place.

The power of word of mouth.


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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