Nissan Leaf leaps towards profitability

Speaking to news agency Reuters yesterday, Nissan North America’s
director of product planning and strategy Mark Perry said that the US price tag
of $32,780 after an electric vehicle tax credit has been taken into account
would allow the company to turn an immediate profit on the car.

He also revealed that despite a price tag that some critics predicted would
prove uncompetitive, demand for the car is already soaring.

Perry revealed that Nissan has pulled in 8,000 pre-orders in the nine days
since the car went on pre-sale in the US, and is now on track to receive 25,000
orders ahead of the launch of the car in December.

The news came after the company announced earlier this month that pre-orders
for the $40,640 Leaf in Japan exceeded half of its 2010 sales target inside just
three weeks, reaching 3,754 units.

The surge in demand for the Leaf suggests there is considerable pent up
demand for mainstream electric cars capable of combining zero emissions with
reasonable range and performance.

Now, that’s green profit!


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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