Human Interactions Makes People Happier than Facebook

Sure do. The Happiness Barometer findings, based on Coke Happiness Index, finds that people are far happier when they are around their loved ones. 

The happiest time (in people’s lives), according to the Happiness Barometer:

  • 39 percent of people surveyed in 16 countries said that “..catching up with the loved ones after work..” is their happiest time. 
  • 20 percent said eating with their family.
  • 17 percent chatting with friends, colleagues.
  • 5 percent said when connecting with friends online.

[via Reuters]

Other findings: hugs and food, makes people happy! Yup. That’s also good for me.

Among countries, Mexico and Philippines, got the top spots. The U.S. is number 6 on the list.  

The happiest time for me is, when I can catching up with my siblings, daily. They live in Indonesia, a thousands miles away from here. Now that there is Skype, I can do that, without breaking my bank.

What about you. When is your happiest time?

Here is The Happiness Barometer in more details..


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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