Al Gore’s 7 Reasons why Sustainability is Good Business

Al Gore made his business case to sustainability when speaking at the SAP Sapphire conference in Orlando. 

The seven reasons why sustainability makes good business sense, according to Al Gore:

  1. Pollution is waste and the result of inefficiencies. The message: Polluting companies are inefficient.
  2. Sustainability enhances brand reputation.
  3. There are long-term returns in being sustainable. At some point, stakeholders will hit companies with short-term focus.
  4. Customers and partners are demanding sustainable business practices.
  5. Carbon tracking will be integrated into business processes as regulators require it across the globe.
  6. Sustainability can boost employee morale and attract the next generation of customers.
  7. Tackling a topic such as innovation leads to new innovations.

[via Smart Planet]

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Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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