Green Solutions.. from Sweden

I stumbled into this magazine, Green Solutions from Sweden, published by Clean Tech Region. Thought that this is something worth sharing. The content is supposedly to support the mission of Sweden’s clean tech industry. However, it’s valuable content, in the sense that you can learn a lot from it.

Our own Sec. of Energy, Steven Chu, got a story there.

The very first info ad you see here is from Sundsvall Energi. Sundsvall Energi is owned by Sundsvall municipality. (think Austin Energy is community-owned public utility). What they do for the community and how they do it – just blows me away. They do district heating and distance cooling. District heating makes energy flows that otherwise would go to waste. It connects 400 homes and a number of commercial buildings. More reading about district heating

Imagine this. How the distance cooling works in their system.

It is created by the cold water that flows in Indelsalven and Ljungan rivers. In Sundvall we have plenty of good quality water. Using water cooling rather than conventional cooling technology, where electrical systems are used, is considerably more energy efficient. District cooling is delivered to customers via the municipality’s water mains.

Advanced technology that is.

There’s also story on Masdar City. And for those who loves architecture, there’s a story on a house built from recycled bottles and crushed glass from cars. I kid you not. 

Well, you just have to read the rest of the magazine, to appreciate what they’ve done and to see how they’re way ahead of us.. in terms of green, clean technology – everything else related to sustainability.

Happy reading.. (click on icon below to read)

This post was originally appeared at my old blog.


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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