Facebook is all About Mainstream

Dan Zarrella, the social media scientist over at HubSpot, gave presentation on the “Science of Facebook Marketing” webminar yesterday. The point that Facebook is all about mainstream and personal, should drive home the message of how we communicate with fans and friends.

What strike me the most is the shareable topics, words, etc. that get shared on Facebook versus on Twitter. When I heard this, it made me rethink about my strategy. 

Here’s how mainstream is the view on Facebook:

  • They’re foodie

Everybody loves food. Anything related to food is high on the ‘Like’ list, food like chocolate, fruit.

The lower the reading grade level the higher the readability on Facebook. 

So if you want to get shared there, keep it simple. No jargon use.


Keep more videos coming

That is what get shared the most. Based on his research, “videos do better on Facebook than on Twitter.” Consequently, on Twitter, if we put video links that don’t retweeted a lot unless you are a celeb.

– Day of the week

Something that we’re always wonder: what is the best day of the week to reach your fans? Because of social networking restrictions at workplaces, users can only log in to their accounts after work or on weekends. Weekends are more Facebook friendly

– Most Facebook shareable word

“Facebook” is top of the list. “Why” comes second place. “Most” is the third. 

– Writing on Facebook

Use plain nouns and verbs

The least Facebook shareable word


The message here: don’t talk about Twitter on Facebook if you want your fans to share the news. Skip it.

The flip side on Twitter the word RT (retweet) is the most shareable word.

There’s more here. LISTEN to the webminar Science of Facebook Marketing, at Hubspot



Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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