TED Talk: Global Population Growth

Thought provoking. Hans Rosling is a global health expert. Hans talks about the global population growth, the 9 billion people who will be living on this planet by 2050. And he looks at the bigger picture: the link between social and economic development.

And that’s what I’m going to show you. Because since 1960, what has happened in the world up to 2010 is that a staggering four billion people have been added to the world population. Just look how many. The world population has doubled since I went to school. And of course, there’s been economic growth in the West. A lot of companies have happened to grow the economy, so the Western population moved over to here. And now their aspiration is not only to have a car. Now they want to have a holiday on a very remote destination and they want to fly. So this is where they are today. And the most successful of the developing countries here, they have moved on, you know. And they have become emerging economies, we call them. And they are now buying cars. And what happened a month ago was that the Chinese company, Geely, they acquired the Volvo company. And then finally the Swedes understood that something big had happened in the world.

How timely! (Just posted about why business need to rethink sustainability as an integral part of business strategy. Reason number 1: growing population growth).

So check this out.



Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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