On-Page SEO: Cheatsheet

The expert over at Conversation Marketing put together the cheat sheet below, so that we all can learn what goes under the hood. The strategy to put together content includes the kind of ‘relevant’ phrases, keywords in your line of business, so people will click on your content. 

Here’s the summary of the ‘On-Page SEO cheatsheet,’ via Conversation Marketing. h/t Who’s Blogging What, where I found this article from. This applies to blogging as well. 

1. The headline should contain your key phrase.

2. Navigation links matter. 

3. Images should have fully descriptive ALT attributes and file name. Microblogging platform like Posterous (the one I use) don’t have that feature yet, but full-fledged blogging platforms – i.e. WordPress, Typepad, etc. – do. 

4. Use your key phrases in headings further down the page and paragraphs, too, if it makes sense. Note: don’t go crazy on this. 

5. The title tag is the single most important element in on-page SEO. Make sure your key phrases come first. But also make sure that the title-tag is well written and would people want to click, because it will show up in the search results. 

All this and relevancy matter. Everything has to be relevant. Beyond that there’s only good – valuable – content, if you want your visitors to keep coming back.

You can read the rest of “On-Page SEO” below. 

Download this file

Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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