Green Words That Sell… in the UK

While the U.S., we have six Americas when it comes to conversation about global warming. People in the UK have a simpler way of liking and understanding the words that get them talk about sustainability. 


 Bold are some of the words that I think might work over here. 

  • Zero Waste
  • Less is More
  • Second Chance Rubbish
  • Smart Appliances
  • Energy-greedy Appliances
  • Flight Addict
  • Savvy Driving
  • In-house Generation
  • Independent Power
  • Citizens Consumers
  • Green Life Style
  • One Planet Living
  • Globally Alert 
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Positive Footprint


image: Futerra

For details, check out here.


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

2 thoughts on “Green Words That Sell… in the UK”

  1. This is a great resource. I have found that the word “green” can be too easily associated with green washing. When describing homes I like to use the term “high performance”.

  2. Green Realtor, whatever works with your clients. People have a different perception about *words.* High performance is good.

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