The Facts on Water


Did you know that?

  • Water covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface.
  • Most of this water is undrinkable because 97% is salt water. 
  • Only 1% of water is found in rivers and streams.
  • Approximately 1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water.
  • About 6,000 children die every day from diseases.
  • Most of the cities where large numbers of people live without taps and toilets have plentiful water supplies.
  • Freshwater fish and other aquatic animals are considerably more imperiled than those that live on land or in the oceans.
  • It takes 1,000 times more water to grow food for an individual than to meet that person’s need for drinking.
  • Irrigation increases yield for most crops by 100 to 400%.
  • About 70% of freshwater withdrawals are used for irrigation. 
  • Water withdrawals for agriculture, assuming no gains in efficiency of use, are expected to increase by 45% by 2030.
  • The earth’s water is finite, but it is infinitely renewable

From Product Water Footprint Assessments [pdf], a report by The Nature Conservancy and Coca Cola