Reuse Data for Valuable Content

The other day, I posted my frustration dealing with sharing report, because the report is tight-locked under copyright use. I stumbled into Andy Sernovitz’s blog (the word-of-mouth guru) this morning and there he posted something about Chevron’s use of social media data.

Who knew that Chevron have been monitoring the social media sphere for awhile? What they did with the data that they’ve been collecting over a period of time, is reused it by creating valuable content that gets distributed across social media platforms. And the best thing is: they make it easy to share. It is “not buried under mountain of restrictions and legalese,”  which is very un-corporate.

Furthermore, Chevron posted the report on a different site that was (I think) for community outreach, with catchy name Will-You-Join-Us.

Some key takeaways, via Andy’s Answers:

  • Look for external uses of your internal projects. Raines and his team realized their monitoring data on energy issues was valuable to more than just their company — so they turned their work into a report that thousands of key industry influencers have since downloaded.
  • Get people talking by making it easy to share. Chevron didn’t bury its report under mountains of restrictions and legalese — it simply encouraged people to post the report and to attribute the material to Chevron when doing so.
  • Use all the tools that can help your content spread. Chevron’s “Pulse Report” is a 60-page white paper — but they didn’t just post it on their corporate website. They also posted YouTube videos summarizing it, shared it on Facebook and LinkedIn, and made it available for download on Slideshare and Scribd.

Watch video of the presentation.

Chevron Pulse Report: The State of Online Conversation About Energy Issues, presented by Robert Raines from GasPedal on Vimeo.


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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