Low-Tech Ways to Save Energy at Workplace

These are simple ways, smart energy initiatives that any business can do. By targeting appliances that are of the most use – like photocopy machines, lighting, coffeemakers, printers, etc. –  you help your business conserve energy and cut energy bill. However, you got to train your employees, to have them become active participant of your energy savings program.

A good tip I saw from Saving Energy. “Make sure that equipment, like copy machine, is not place near the thermostat. The heat from the copier can affect how thermostat works and throw the system out of balance.”

Another tip. University of Georgia cooperatives recommends installing a motion sensor light switch. Because motion sensor automatically turn lights off and on whenever anyone leaves a room. And there’s the mother-of-tips for all sorts of workplace from Energy Savers, DOE, including for businesses with HQs at home.  

When you put these smart energy initiatives in place, you save money, reduce carbon footprint, and make your stakeholders happy 🙂

Save Energy at Work


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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