The Top 10 Clean Energy States

Clean Edge just released their first annual U.S. clean energy leadership index, that ranks the top 10 states for clean energy based on certain methodologies they use, i.e. technology, policy and investment. The company tracks more than 4,000 public and private data points across all 50 states. 

You’ll see from the map that East and West coast are dominant in this case. However, a few states outside the coastal states, also play a role. 


Most of the top 10 states are blue states. Coincidentally, Ernst & Young came up with similar blue states conclusion. 

  1. California, 
  2. Oregon, 
  3. Massachusetts, 
  4. Washington, 
  5. Colorado, 
  6. New York, 
  7. Illinois, 
  8. Connecticut, 
  9. Minnesota and 
  10. New Jersey. 

What that means is that these states are probably the first states in the U.S. that will come out of recession. With the rest of the world venturing into low-carbon economy, these states will stay competitive. For wannabe entrepreneurs: this kind of economic environment is definitely good for business. 

Take that, Congress! Hmm, more specifically the close-mindedanti-progress group. 



Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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