South Korean President Talks Green to US Congress

President Barack Obama and Republic of Korea Lee Myung Bak         photo: Pete Souza – White House

Did Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid give hint to South Korean President to speak about green economy to members of congress? The President of South Korea, Lee Myung Bak, who is on a state visit to Washington this week – his speech seems to hit the chord at today’s Joint Session of Congress.

At the session, Lee Myung Bak talks about his country’s emergence to join the economic powerhouses of the world. Transforming itself from one of the poorest to the most dynamic economy. Think about for a sec. You probably know some of the household names here via technology or car, brands like Kia, Samsung, LG, and Hyundai. Those brands originated from Korea and branched out from there.

So. Korea is a small country, with only 48 million people in comparison to the U.S. with 312+ million in population. This is a country that have no natural resources and yet managed to become global top 10 economic power!

It’s very impressive, when you think about how they achieved that position – in just one generation. Why? Because, they prioritized education. 

Some of the things the So. Korean President mentioned at today’s Congress Joint Session:

  • The power of education. How education is the best way to break the vicious circle of poverty.
  • Firmly believed that economy must be green to grow.
  • The vision is low-carbon green growth.
  • South Korea’s goal is to become the 7th largest green economy by 2020.
  • The benefit of green growth is real, that’s why they’re investing heavily into R&D power technologies, such as smart grid.
  • They want to become the leader of renewable energy sources.
  • Requiring the biggest carbon emitting companies to set greenhouse gas target this year.
It’s just so surreal to hear South Korean President lecturing members of US congress the power of green economy, who some of them in the audience – are skeptics.

Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

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