9 Benefits Provided by Forests


Thailand is not the only country in the world losing forestsDeforestation is also happening in our backyard. The real estate booming back in the day is to blame.

According to a recent map released by World Resources Institute, the top 10 Counties Losing Forest to Development in the US South. These counties “converted approximately123,000 acres of forest to development over 5 years.”

The 10 counties that are mostly located in the South, are prone to drought and putting forest at risk: Harris (Houston), Gwinnett (Atlanta), Fulton (Atlanta), Wake (Raleigh), Montgomery (Houston), Meckleburg (Charlotte), Bexar (San Antonio), Duval (Jacksonville), Jefferson (Birmingham), Cobb (Atlanta).

Forests provide so many benefits to humanity.

Just to revisit some of the benefits provided by forests, here are the 9 benefits, via CBD: 

1. Forests provide food and a vast array of materials for medicinal, cultural and spiritual purposes, as well as building materials and firewood.

2. They store and purify drinking water.

3. Protect watershed.

4. Mitigate natural disasters.

5. Control erosion.

6. Forests provide nutrient cycling.

7. Help store carbon and to regulate climate.

8. Provide habitat to the vast majority of terrestrial species, many of which critical for human consumption.

9. It’s vital to national and regional economies, both directly through revenues, employment provided by the sector, and indirectly through their provision of services such as water supply to agriculture and to industry.

Anything I miss?

There’s more here..


Author: Dewita

Co-founder Ecotwist Labs.

2 thoughts on “9 Benefits Provided by Forests”

  1. Interesting that one of the main contributing factors for the rise in carbon emissions in 2010 is travelling. I think this point deserves to be reiterated and highlighted. Air travel is extremely carbon intensive and there is really no way to “offset your carbon footprint” by planting a tree.. This marketing scam has been sold to those who would rather stay in denial and continue to perpetuate their sense of entitlement. Consider this, how many Africans do you think fly “for fun”? It seems like the worst offenders here are those who pride themselves on being progressive and “green”.

    1. Good point! You know I think offsets are not good idea. But for know until we have a better mechanism (or fuel alt.) in place, this may be one of the better options. It’s more on changing one’s behavior.

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