The purpose of this blog is to help people think differently. The big wave of transformation is coming. We no longer live alone in this planet. Technological advancement has made the world flat. Noooo.. kidding!

We see that the world is changing right before our eyes. We see how China and India become the economic powerhouses – of the world! We see how the global financial market almost collapsed. We see how things in the world actually inter-related. How a Tsunami, earthquake in Japan stop car productions in the U.S. We see so many other things unfolding. And yet, some people aren’t aware of this. Or totally ignore the signs – altogether.

What’s striking is that this process of transformation has barely touched the surface.

That means, more change, more transformation thing are coming our way (whether you like it or not). The choices are whether you decided to transform, reinvent and redefine you, your business, organization, etc. yourself now – or wait till you’re force to change and be left in the dust.

You know what? Change alone is no longer enough. Transformation is needed. We are all need to transform, redefine, reinvent ourselves in this interconnected world’s economy.

So enjoy the ride…


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