About me

Hello. Thank you for stopping by. My name is Dewita Soeharjono aka @ecotwist and @urbantrekker. I started Ecotwist Labs, a business with social mission (still in beta) to reuse waste for social and economic transformation. Prior to that, I started Some Things Organic, where we help our clients build and manage relationships. I host “Ecotwist,” over at Blogtalkradio, where we talk about culture shifts, sustainability, business, and trends.

Here are the four places that you can learn more about me:

1) twitter.com/ecotwist

2) grindsforchange.org

3) about.me/dewitasoeharjono

4) linkedin.com/in/dewitasoeharjono

or at the last resort.. you can

5) google me.

Seriously.. 🙂

Meanwhile, if there’s anything that I can be of help or you have specific questions, please feel free to ping me at dewita (dot) ecotwist labs (dot) com.

– Dewita


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