Management Creed Every Business Should Read

The opening in a book on a subject of success stories on niche marketing penned by Dr. Soichiro Nagashima, an APO (Asian Productivity Organization) expert, published by the same organization, is something that we don’t put too much emphasis over here. The author has been trekking clean productivity arena for 40-some years. Originally was written as a manual for seminars on niche marketing strategies in Japan. 

Coming by way of Asia’s productivity, here is the creed, via APO.

Management is the art of adapting to the business environment

Management is the art of adapting to the business environment, and the business environment is subject to a range of political, economic, technical and social influences. The art of adapting to the changing environment may sound easy, but change is not visible to the insensitive eye. People content to lead an inactive, idle life resting on previous successes cannot grasp the dramatic socioeconomic changes occurring all around them. For those who have achieved success in business and maintain an ongoing passionate commitment to further progress, however, contentment can be a form of poison. For individuals, stagnation means death; for a company, maintaining the status quo is equivalent to giving up and closing down.

Moving in a different directions than others can open up opportunities. A company should recognize that the sun is already setting upon a market when everybody is in a rush to move in the same direction. In other words, a niche strategy which exploits “blind spots” in a market, paves the way for a company with a unique product or service, superior intellectual resources, and extraordinary creativity. [emphasis added]

This is truly a different attitude (and mindset) towards change. We tend to run the other way when facing with change. When in fact, change is good for business. 

LEARN from the master. So no matter what size and stage of your business, learn from the master to help you carve out your ‘niche’ market. Japan is the master when it comes to manufacturing technologies and some other breakthrough technologies. Circumstances like scarcity of natural resources, 80% dependent on imports for its food supply, etc., forced them to find the way out. And it has made Japan as one of the economic powerhouses in the world!

For more inspirations, you can check out the rest of the book “NICHE MARKETING 60 Success Stories,” here. [pdf]


Green Marketers Nightmare: FTC Green ‘Updated’ Guidelines

Wow, this could have a ripple effect on the market. According to Environmental Leader, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is on track to release an updated version of their “green guidelines,” which going to make 300 seal of approvals useless.

“Christopher Cole, an advertising-law specialist and partner with law firm Manatt Phelps & Phillips in Washington, told Advertising Age that the guides could make most of the more than 300 environmental seals of approval now in use on packaging and products largely useless and possibly in violation of FTC standards.

They could also influence efforts by retailers such as Walmart to institute a sustainability-rating system for products, he said.

The guides are expected to tighten standards for packaging claims such as “recyclable” or “biodegradable”; regulate how marketers use terms such as “carbon neutral,”  and how close to the source of carbon output “carbon offsets” must be executed, according to the article.

The guidelines may also define other terms such as “sustainability” or address  “greenwashing” controversies such as how far companies can market themselves as green in advertising when they or their products also have a negative impact on the environment.”

[via Enviromental Leader]

Read more details, here and here.


Joining the green biz bandwagon


Interesting observations from the guys at Fortune.


Green: Radio

Socially and politically, there is much trepidation from liberals about talk radio. Commonly, it is viewed as flat-out “right wing,” “conservative,” or a (gasp) Republican PR podium.

A summary of radio then: lack of solid student base; tied to the automobile and consumerism; and right-centric. If this is true, common sense would dictate that radio would not be fertile ground for anything greener than the lettuce on a Big Mac.

A recent success story, however, offers deep insight into how pervasive green is becoming, even across a typically non-green medium.

I spoke with Andrea Ridout, long-time talk show host and currently the voice behind Mother Earth News Radio.

Q: Is mass broadcast radio a typically conservative medium?

A: I ran a talk show for many years at a major radio station, and on several occasions was taken aside when certain hot-button phrases like “global warming” were mentioned on the air. So, yes, there has been a current of that type of thinking in the past: real top-down pressure to maintain a status quo.

It’s good to know that radio shows on green has gained some serious traction in the mainstream.