This Is Your Life

Is this how things work? Wanted to do something but ended up doing something else. Like watching this video. It wasn’t on my list at all. I was looking for a music video that I downloaded in my computer, when I saw this. It’s been a while, forgot about this – at all. 

You know how signs can come from everywhere. Maybe, this is a sign, a reminder – for the recipient to stay on track.

So if you need a pick-up, have a look on this. (only 2 mins long). It’ll inspire you.


        Live Your Passion

        Live Your Purpose

        Live Your Dreams



What Motivates Us

This video below adapted from Dan Pink’s presentation,  tells us the hidden truth about what gets us going at home and work. No, it’s not money that motivate us the most. On top of the list, is purpose. Purpose gets us excited!

For lack of a better word, I used to be money driven. When I was in that mode, there’s no fire. The money thing controlled me. Now, I’m purpose driven. I feel a big difference in motivation level. No more dragging my feet. There’s fire in my belly that moves me. I’m excited just getting up in the morning.. 

What moves you?