How do you Make Brands to be More Social?

This is the behind-the-scene interview with Simon Mainwaring, the author of ‘WE FIRST,’ at the Social Good Summit. At the Summit, Simon talks about ‘Building a Private Sector Pillar for Social Change.’ Got a few more Q&As with Simon, which I’ll put it up soon.


How this First Lady Uses Social Media

It’s fascinating to learn what other politicians or the spouse of a politician uses social media for. We know for a fact that President Obama enjoys a social media celebrity status, because he’s one of the few politicians who have millions of followers! What about on the other side of the world?

There is the First Lady of Dominican Republic, Dr. Margarita Cedeno de Fernandez, a celebrity politician in her own right.

When she made a surprise appearance at Social Good Summit, she talks a bit of how she uses social media. She says that “she is both a follower and user of social networks, Twitter, Facebook.”  These tools give her the ability to be connected with the youth and people from around the world.

In her capacity as a First Lady, she uses ICT (short for information communication technology) to empower women, improve literacy rate, economic development. If you want to connect with her, the twitter handle is @margaritacdf.

Check it out.

Sustainable Good Governance in Time of Direct Aid

By: Takahiro Nakamura 

We tirelessly hear about international aid lost before reaching the very people who most need it. Donors in the industrialized world today have become increasingly suspicious of their donations going into the hands of government officials and aid workers, and more aid organizations solicit them claiming that they directly deliver services and goods to the people.

While this bottom-up approach has its own advantages, it also deprives the local governments of their opportunities to deliver services on their own. As a result, the governments are not able to develop such capacity, and their people turn to aid organizations for assistance before their own governments, hence, making it more difficult for the aid organizations to exit the countries.

The Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative is an organization that works on this very issue of bureaucracy in places overwhelmingly known to the West for corruption and aid-dependency. The organization stands on its principle to help African governments be independent of the international community, said Kate Gross, the Chief Executive of the organization.

Their approach consists of two steps—first, the organization works with leaders in the selected African countries that are “at turning points”, providing advice and resources. Once the trustful relationship is developed, its staff also work with public servants of all levels inside their governments and help them deliver countries’ policies.

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Making the Connection for #SocialGood

It’s very inspiring to see how people across the spectrum around the world, are using technology and social media to make connection & do social good. They are using different platforms to educate, empower women and girls, spreading the buzz, connecting displaced people, and more. One thing they share in common – is the ability to make a change.

The starting point of any conversation. Why are we doing this?

Geena Davis @GDIGM at #socialgood: “When are we going to get over the idea that it is shocking that women can do things?” @mashable…
September 20, 2011
Geena Davis @GDIGM at #socialgood: “Kids need to see entertainment where females are valued as much as males.” @mashable @unfoundation
September 20, 2011
Guterres -The most nobel part of our job is to help refugees unite, go back home. #socialgood @refugees
September 20, 2011
.@womenwarpeace: “It’s not just a question of who’s watching media, it’s an issue of who’s talking. We’ve only heard from men.” #socialgood
September 20, 2011
@TheMandyMoore says startling statistics & tidbits are great way to spread awareness on malaria through social media #socialgood
September 20, 2011
Geena Davis @GDIGM at #socialgood: “Gender portrayls influence aspirations. If they can see it, they can be it” @mashable @unfoundation
September 20, 2011
A bed net can protect a family of 4 for up to 3 years (@TheMandyMoore + @ashong are showing+telling!) #socialgood
September 20, 2011
#SocialGood @ABurak on how gaming can be used to make social good changes…in this case for girls & women. Teaching via data.
September 20, 2011
@TheMandyMoore Totally agree about teaching kids about things like malaria in school. Why isn’t this being taught now? #SocialGood
September 20, 2011
Every 45 seconds a child dies of malaria… #SocialGood let’s change that…now @nothingbutnets @themandymoore
September 20, 2011

The Convergence of Technology and Social Media for #SocialGood

The Social Good Summit, a four-day event, hosted by the UN Foundation, Mashable and 92 Street Y – started yesterday in NYC. Speakers after speakers talk about how they use technology, social media tools to make an impact.DAY 1: The three trending words (that we’ve kept on hearing) are at the Summit are technology, social networks/social media (Twitter, Facebook), and mobile.

How social media is being used to help find solutions for the world’s most pressing problems, i.e. war, poverty, education, health, youth and more.

We have the tools at our fingertips. We can harness the power of collective action. – @erinschrode #socialgood #OYW
September 19, 2011
How digital media use can be used to promote diplomacy.
[Video] Talking to @AlecJRoss at #SocialGood Summit on public diplomacy, digital media, how diplomats can engage
September 20, 2011

People are using digital media to connect and make change.

RT @unfoundation: 84% of today’s young people believe that it is their duty to change the world for the better: #socialgood
September 20, 2011
Maternal health in crisis- great discussion focused on #healthworkers @ @everymomcounts @familycareintl @ICM
September 20, 2011
new #fwd site has interactive maps that will help inform & engage the public, easy for social media use! #socialgood #unga
September 19, 2011

The use of social media, technology and innovation – through the eyes of global health.

Fascinating stats on digital innovation and global health #socialgood summit
September 20, 2011
The power of mobile phone.
RT @bexband: At biggest refugee camp in Kenya, many women had mobile phone, it was their lifeline. –Valerie Amos of UN #socialgood
September 19, 2011
RT @unfoundation: #SocialGood Summit Day 1: @gimmemotalk & @ValerieAmos talk about how the #UN is using social media to reach new audiences
September 20, 2011
The use of technology for education.
RT @Ericssonpress: Video summary of our education roundtable at Technology for Good #t4good #socialgood
September 19, 2011
RT @unfoundation: United Nations launches app for education, action via @washingtonpost #socialgood
September 19, 2011
RT @DrStrickland: One Laptop per Child | To Empower The World’s Poorest Children Through Education – | @nnegroponte (Founder) #SocialGood
September 19, 2011
RT @thinking_ahead: Dodi blogs at #socialgood. She’s now convinced that if education hurdle is cleared, then others will fall into place:
September 19, 2011
Youth quake.
“youth can ‘shake things up’ just by connecting with one another” – @erinschrode in @mashable: #youthquake #socialgood
September 20, 2011
#Youthquake “It”s being the catalyst, proving you or I can spark the change, shift the mindset”- @erinschrode #socialgood #oyw via @EuroRSCG
September 20, 2011
At #Socialgood Summit NYC. Youth are agents for social change. Technology can empower. Let’s start a #youthquake 4 action on #ncds #ncdchat
September 19, 2011
September 19, 2011
Very excited to hear from the @oneyoungworld Youth Ambassadors talking about the power of social media – #youthquake #socialgood ^JT
September 19, 2011
RT @4egood: .@michaelteoh used social media to crowd source 35,000 opinions of youth to create a #socialgood report for Malaysian President #youthquake
September 19, 2011

And check out the recap from day 1- yesterday’s Social Good summit.

Looking forward to day 2 of #SocialGood Summit @92Y. Here’s a recap of day one:
September 20, 2011

A Preview to Social Good Summit 2011

Next week, we will be at the Social Good Summit, a four-day summit hosted by the good guys at Mashable, UN Foundation and  92Y. This is a second year of a four-day event where technologists, influential minds, government officials, and activists will hob nob and come together to find the solutions for the world’s most pressing problems. Problems like education, health, malaria, etc. That and in addition, there will be 8 startups (that are changing the world!) competing for a $10,000 prize in a ‘Startup Challenge.’

The lineup of speakers include Ted Turner, Lance Amstrong, Muhammad Yunus, Pete Cashmore (in case you’ve been hiding in a cave, he’s the founder of Mashable – the most visited side for all things social media), actor Geena Davis, Ami Dar (if you’re looking for non-profit jobs, his site ‘Idealist’ is the go-to source), Scott Harrison (the Charity:Water guy), and many many more. You just have to see it yourself, here.

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